About Me


         Doug Ward currently lives in Western Pennsylvania. He's a graduate of Slippery Rock University and has a BFA in Fine Art. Doug spends much of his time writing and making oil paintings which incorporate mythology and science.


        Doug Ward's Books;


        The True Story of the zombie Apocalypse


        Parasitic zombies feel (to me) more scientifically grounded than other types. It's also pretty scary how many parasitic creatures are inside us at this very moment. Some have even bonded with us for so long that they are actually a part of our DNA.  Parasites have been known to take over their hosts.


         A few years ago my wife called me from a friends house and said that a mouse kept trying to snuggle with the cat. Literally, nuzzling up to the cats face. I quickly informed her that the mouse was infected with a parasite and that they needed to remove it from the house immediately.  


         The parasite wanted to be eaten by the cat so it could continue it's lifecycle in the bowls of the unfortunate creature. This flatworm not only controls mice but it can infect humans as well.  I've blended many scientific ideas into Parasite, which I plan to be a four book series."


         Saving Jebediah


         It's fun piece of fan fiction Doug wrote for a contest Mark Tufo was having.  Although, it was edited it to make it cross over with Doug's book series, it has a little different zombie types than he normally uses.  


           Ward’s Laws


          Are a silly thing I started on Facebook. When I first opened my account, I did what every other forty-something year old does. I froze, I didn’t know what to write.

         I started posting the usual stuff. I talked about my day, my dog, my bathroom habits, and said LOL a lot, but that just wasn’t me. I wanted to do something more. I wanted to contribute to the good of the world (are you buying this yet?) This took the form of Ward’s Laws.

         I started to write about things I observed and found funny. I would attach a random number to each new law to make it seem as though there were hundreds of them, but this created a problem. I started repeating numbers and lost track. 


         About the same time, my friends on the site started telling me I that should publish these laws as a book. At first, I was flattered, but their constant encouragement gave me the fortitude to create the book you are about to read.



         My Art;


         I am currently changing my subject matter.  It is now “How Mythology fell to Science”.  What I mean by that is the belief in gods worked as the answer to things man didn’t understand at the time, but as science took the mystery out of life, the belief in gods waned.  For instance, we no longer have fertility goddesses because we understand what causes infertility. 


         I currently have several paintings completed in this new subject matter.  I am busily working on two more.  That is why the bulk of my images here are of commissions and the Colonial Era.


         As an artist, I have experimented with many types of work.  Sculpture both large and small, large scale acrylic paintings, acrylic and oil paintings (mostly portraits), and now medium to large scale oil paintings.  I have explored such subjects as the Holocaust, the Colonial Era in America, and currently How Mythology Fell to Science.


         I have been a featured artist in and on the cover of magazines, and sold paintings internationally.  I have been a featured artist in art shows and have won numerous awards.  The thing that gives me the most pleasure is selling the work I produce to people who appreciate it.


         I have done many works for commission.  Mostly these are in the form of portraits, of both people or animals.


          My philosophy of art:


          Art is like science.  We cannot forget what the old masters taught us.  We must build upon their discoveries.  The old masters went through rigorous training which took years.  In our fast paced society many artists have skipped some of these essential lessons and opted for immediate gratification.  If we continue on this course the secrets of the masters will be lost.  


         After years of honing my abilities.  I rediscovered the art of seven layer painting.  I am not the only artist using this technique, but I am one of the few.