What is LICH about?


 A lich is an undead magic user who through the use of various spells and components, transforms itself into an undead creature. This gives it a semblance of immortality.  These creatures are very powerful and evil.  

This book will introduce you to one such being. Baron Marasmus and his twisted goblin Skum are building an army of undead. The two plan to harvest the peaceful villagers from the hamlet of Springdale to fatten up their horde. Sadly, Springdale’s local wizard is away.  The only one left to stop this horrifying menace is an inexperienced, young wizard named Den.  He and a group of adventurers will battle undead and monsters alike, as they gather the magic items they will need to defeat their foe. Ebendoom

Author Cassidy Raine Wolters said of this book: “If you like Dungeons and Dragons, video games, or other role playing sword and sorcery adventures,  you’ll love this book.  It's got everything dwarves, goblins, and even the occasional elf.” 

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